A CIOs Guide to Kubernetes in Production"

A CIOs Guide to Kubernetes in Production

The complete guide to Kubernetes in Production for CIOs and CTOs. The guide covers the topics of Monitoring, Storage, Networking, High availability, Backup and Disaster recovery, Security and access control and Cost management among others.

20 Min. to Read

Kubernetes and the larger cloud-native strategy has major implications for the speed and flexibility of distributed teams as well as the reliability, robustness, competitiveness and cost-effectiveness of enterprise software. 

Correctly mapping out the Kubernetes environment requires CIOs and CTOs to communicate with distributed teams and ensure that the Kubernetes environment will be able to cover all requirements of enterprise software. 

Production Kubernetes environments are however, complicated and involve a lot of moving parts. In this guide you will get an overview of Kubernetes best practices for CIOs and CTOs. 

In this ebook, you will find best practices around:

  • Monitoring
    • Observability paradigm for Kubernetes
    • Observability best practices for Kubernetes
  • Distributed DevOps and SRE
    • Cloud-native role and team composition
    • The role of DevOps, SRE and Central IT 
  • Storage
    • Software defined storage (SDS)
    • Storage best practices
  • Networking
    • Kubernetes networking model
    • Feature set for CNI evaluation
  • Security, identity and access control
    • RBAC, continuous security scanning and network segmentation
    • Kubernetes secrets, logging and auditing


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