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A Comprehensive Guide to Cloud Native: Tools, Culture and Practices

In this guide we outline the tools, practices and cultural dynamics that are common to most cloud native environments. We also define cloud native applications, outline their features and review the cloud native tool chest.

20 Min. to Read

Cloud native, as most other technologies in the IT landscape, is driven by the demands for speed and agility placed on the modern software delivery life cycle.

Modern applications need to evolve quickly to meet changing customer demands or gain competitive advantages with innovative new features. Cloud native practices and tools allow organizations to do just that.

Cloud native is a continuously evolving concept as new tools are developed and new practices take root in today's fast-moving IT landscape. We can, however identify a baseline set of tools and practices that are common to most cloud native architectures.

In this ebook, you will find:

  • A definition of cloud native environments and what distinguishes them from traditional enterprise IT
  • Distinction between cloud native tools and cultural practices and why it is important
  • A deep dive into cloud native cultural practices 
  • A definition of cloud native applications and a deep dive into the features that distinguish them from legacy enterprise applications
  • A review of the cloud native tool chest and detailed descriptions of tools in a number of categories including Dev, CICD, networking, service mesh and storage tools
  • Deep dives and detailed comparison of tools in each category based on the feature-set provided

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