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Learn How Replex can Help Your IT-Infrastructure 

The modern enterprise finds itself dealing with an increasingly larger infrastructure footprint from enterprise hybrid cloud, public cloud, and traditional data centers to edge computing infrastructure.

Replex helps IT teams make sense of this range of technologies by automating the collection and analysis of critical metrics for the modern infrastructure stack from physical machines and cloud VMs to containers and serverless. 

For a Healthy Infrastructure

  • Continuously optimize your infrastructure regarding costs, utilization, and efficiencies.
  • Allocate IT infrastructure costs to cost-centers using smart allocation rules and gain a consistent financial view across the entire infrastructure stack from on-premise to serverless.
  • Gain a consistent view of your entire Infrastructure stack as well as granular insights into Infrastructure usage for individual teams and departments and hold them accountable for resource usage.
  • Expand and modernize your technology stack to cloud, containers and serverless without having to worry about cost visibility and financial reporting.
  • Enforce budget thresholds across cost centers, teams, and departments using smart alerts.

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  • utilize reports to make informed decisions on real-time and accurate data

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