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FinOps for Kubernetes: Challenges and Best Practices

In this ebook we review some of the core challenges associated with implementing FinOps processes for cloud native Kubernetes environments and how to overcome them by outlining FinOps best practices fine-tuned for Kubernetes environments.

20 Min. to Read

Before the cloud there was the data center. Private data centers represented a fixed cost, capital expense model with pretty straightforward procurement, cost management, forecasting and cost allocation processes.

The cloud led to a major overhaul in these processes. Over time these processes coalesced into a comprehensive FinOps framework bundling together best practices, cultural paradigms and tooling.

With its ephemeral, hyper scalable and shared resources model, Kubernetes now requires a similar update in FinOps processes and practices. 

In this ebook we outline FinOps best practices fine-tuned for cloud native environments.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the best practices outlined in this ebook:

  • Use Kubernetes Labels to Implement a Comprehensive Tagging Strategy

  • Identify Out of Cluster Services and Allocate their Costs

  • Factor in Costs for Stateful Applications

  • Calculate Custom Rates and Amortizations

  • Create Showback and Chargeback Reports


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