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Kubernetes Cost Visibility & Optimization Ebook

Containers have taken the application development and delivery world by storm. However, with the wide adoption of technologies like Kubernetes, new and difficult challenges are on the horizon. Find out in this ebook how your company can manage significant aspects of cost management in a cloud-native stack.

15 Min. to Read

Kubernetes is on track to take over a significant chunk of container market. According to a recent survey by CNCF, 83% of respondents use Kubernetes in production.

The enthusiastic adoption of Kubernetes by DevOps teams and the support it has received from the open source community means this number could go higher in the future. However, even if it remains at current levels, 83% of the market is a considerable chunk to play around with.

The same CNCF survey, however, also identifies multiple challenges facing both Kubernetes and the broader container orchestration market. Networking, Storage, Monitoring, Security, lack of training, and of course cost management are just some of the challenges identified. 

In this ebook, we will answer these challenges:

  • How does Kubernetes drive infrastructure costs?

  • How many resources are individual teams and applications consuming?

  • How much does this resource usage cost?

  • How can these costs be allocated to individual applications and teams?

  • What is the average utilization of the underlying infrastructure?

  • How can Infrastructure utilization be improved?

  • Is there any way to optimize resource usage to reduce infrastructure costs?

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