The ultimate guide to cloud finops"

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud FinOps

The complete guide to Cloud FinOps for FinOps teams and organisational stakeholders including executives, DevOps, engineering, finance and procurement.

20 Min. to Read

The cloud, with its pay as you go billing model and variable consumption represents a departure from the fixed cost, capital expense world of on-premise infrastructure.


The move to the cloud has necessitated a gradual update of procurement processes and financial reporting models used by organizations for their IT infrastructure. It has also led to new cost management, transparency, accountability and capacity planning processes for cloud adopters. 


These updates practices and processes are what is usually referred to as FinOps.

I this ebook we provide a comprehensive review of the FinOps framework, trace its evolution and identify its main drivers. We also examine the composition and functions of a FinOps team, identify the organizational domains that need to be involved in the FinOps practice and review the core principles and phases of FinOps.

In this ebook, you will find:

  • A look at the evolution of FinOps and an in-depth review of its main drivers

  • Overviews of FinOps team composition, the organizational domains that need to be involved in the FinOps practice and their roles

  • A review of the primary functions of a FinOps team

  • A deep dive into the core principles of FinOps

  • An in-depth review of FinOps phases and detailed descriptions of the core activities that are performed in each phase


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