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The Ultimate Kubernetes Cost Comparison ebook

A deep dive into the Kubernetes cost comparison beyond the typical public cloud providers.

13 min. to read

The fact that Kubernetes is agnostic to the underlying hardware and OS, opens up multiple deployment options for DevOps teams. It is also no surprise that Kubernetes costs are driven by the underlying infrastructure. So it matters where you deploy your clusters.

Comparing the different types of public clouds to deploy is not that intuitive. Several factors have to be taken into account to examine the numerous instances across the four main providers AWS, GCP, Azure, and Digital Ocean.

The go-to cost guide for Kubernetes platforms

Although these are the most common platforms in most use cases, OpenStack and on-premise deployments are also viable options to consider. That is why we are providing a go-to guide with every major platform to use Kubernetes in production environments. This ebook will enable you to identify and forecast the cost of your Kubernetes clusters.

In this cost guide you will find:

  • An executive summary of a comparison between AWS, GCP, Azure, and Digital Ocean
  • A description of the assumed benchmark in which the comparison is based on
  • Cost-assessment of OpenStack and on-premise Kubernetes deployments
  • Cost assessment for both direct deployments as well as one's leveraging managed Kubernetes services
  • An analysis of all deployment types and interpretation of the results

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