Unify Your Modern IT Stack

Physical servers, cloud environments and hybrid setups, all in one central AIOps solution

One central source of information for all IT infrastructure technologies

Complete cost transparency

Effectively plan migrations, redundancies and resource needs

Optimize your IT infrastructure

Inventorize Your IT Infrastructure in One Central Solution

Make all your IT infrastructure data fully available and searchable in one central solution

Easy to deploy on any infrastructure

Automated tagging of assets

Service mapping accross your environment

Replex calculates the optimal density of your system around your datacenter, hybrid or cloud environments.

Accelerate your teams efficiencies with all the key insights needed to make informed decisions.

  • Complete topology information
    Real resource utilization
  • Detailed cost breakdowns of the infrastructure and teams
  • All the insights you need - make it easy to execute recommendations.

Up to 40% of your IT infrastructure costs could be saved, but where to start?

  • Optimize your IT infrastructure resources
  • Optimize team efficiencies
  • Effectively plan future growth
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